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Which books are best for speech?

It's National Storytelling Week!

Books are a brilliant tool to for speech development. But which books are best for speech?

For children with speech delay, and for children following a typical path, these tips and my favourite books will help you!

Here is a link to my recent live video

It’s never too early (or late) to start reading with your babies. Choose books that are in line, or just above their developmental level... eg

For a typical 6m old baby, choose single word, hard back picture naming books, eg 100 first words

For a 12m old, choose lift the flap, pop up books with repetition of phrases eg Dear Zoo, Where’s bear?

For 18m, include new vocabulary on a familiar topic such as food in The tiger who came to tea, The hungry caterpillar

For 2 years, choose short sentence, rhythmic rhyming books eg What the ladybird heard

Read as often as you can

Turn off background noise so they can really listen to you

Check out my favourite's here!

First 100 words box set

Where’s Spot gift set with Spot doggy

The Hungry Caterpillar set with soft toy

Dinky Donkey rhyming books set

Love from

Speech Mum x

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