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How can Speech Mum help us?

speech assessment

Speech Mum offers a wide range of services to support you, your child and your child's setting.

Speech Mum provides you with the treatment your child needs and deserves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Speech Mum right for us?

Find out more about who Speech Mum is here

Learn about how Speech Mum can help you here

If you're still unsure, Speech Mum would love to speak to you!

Follow the link below to request a free consultation

Request a free consultation

How do I know that Speech Mum therapy is working?

Speech Mum's advice, approaches and materials are driven by research, evidence-based practice and her experience as a clinician.

Speech Mum will always keep you up to date with progress and discuss any barriers to progress with you to help establish a solution.

We are waiting for NHS SLT, will we lose our place if we come to Speech Mum?

Absolutely not. Everyone is entitled to NHS SLT should they meet local referral criteria. If you are waiting to receive NHS SLT you will still receive this and will not lose your place.

If you are waiting for your first assessment, you may want to see Speech Mum before or after for a second opinion.


If you are waiting for or already receiving therapy sessions, Speech Mum can supplement and compliment what you are already receiving.

Speech Mum highly recommends that all professionals work together and will seek parents' permission to share information as appropriate.


Click here to find your local speech and language therapist from the NHS. 

How much does private speech therapy cost?

Speech Mum offers a clear and consistent hourly rate of £75 per hour (pro rata) and free travel costs within 20 miles of Chorley, Lancashire. 

UK wide therapy sessions / assessment and parent coaching available via Zoom.


Is Speech Mum insured and DBS checked?

Yes, Speech Mum is fully qualified and insured:

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