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Speech therapy at home!

How do I do speech therapy at home?

How do I make speech therapy fun?

Will we still get our speech therapy during self isolation or lockdown?

I've seen a very worried mummy last week, overwhelmed with the 6 hour a day school work pack she had been given, trying to juggle going to work with childcare for her kids, and, (perhaps rightly so), keeping up with speech and language therapy tasks was the bottom her priority list!

Speech Mum is speaking to parents on a case by case basis regarding already booked appointments and deciding on the most appropriate action together.

With NHS speech therapy services reducing contact and most child care settings closed, I've been wondering how I can still give something to those children, parents and teachers that still would like some SLT input.

So, I'm excited to share with you these free 5 x session plans for home :) I have kept them simple and fun, based on everything you will already have at home. Aimed at early years, they can be adapted to suit younger and older children. I hope you enjoy them, and would love your feedback and photos! Please share them to @speechmum on Facebook!

I'm also introducing video-therapy! Using the Zoom platform, you can still access me for meetings, therapy, coaching. Contact me for more info!

On another note...we've really had to focus on keeping screen time down at our house. Join my Facebook @speechmumtoptips group for my ideas about how to make the most of screen time.

Have a lovely week everyone!

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