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Helping children communicate

As a Children's Speech and Language Therapist, I'm passionate about visual support...


When we use an object, picture or symbol - it stays there... if we've missed the word, we've got that as a reminder. As adults, we also benefit from using visual cues to help us remember things don't we? Such as shopping lists, colour coding things.

Children with difficulties understanding or using language can benefit hugely from visual support. They can help them remember what is about to happen next, understand a new routine, tell us something when they can't use the words.

above - Clare with her son Tom

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Clare Cusack - an Autism Mum who created TomTag - an AMAZING symbol support system after spending hours and hours trying to make new ones each day to support her son. You can see the full video here:

Clare explained that TomTag - visual support solutions can be used with all children from age 3, up to adults. - great video showing you how they work here!

After sampling my own TomTag in real life, I can definitely see how these will benefit ALL children, especially during uncertain times such as returning back to school. I will definitely be ordering TomTags for my therapy kit and recommending them to all of my families!

Clare has very kindly offered Speech Mum followers a great 20% when you use the code SPEECHMUM20 and is available at checkout on all products except bundles. The website is and Facebook page is Orkid Ideas.

As always, if you have concerns about your child's communication skills, or would like to know more about visual support - please contact me to arrange your free phone consultation.

Love from

Speech Mum x

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